About Sampadha

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Why we started Sampadha: A new journey starts with new thoughts
  • We believe that all retail market participants (Investor and Trader) and most HNIs are underutilizing their assets and capital markets, instead of getting the most out of financial / capital markets
  • Participants are using capital markets at extreme ends
  • Either using capital markets as another avenue to just save money and buy assets like in other fixed assets (Buy, Hold, and Pray) Or using it as another gambling arena to get rich in a short period of time
  • Our Founder opines, Capital markets / financial markets participation that it should be treated as a business where active involvement should be needed for making the most and best from the capital markets.
  • Active involvement like screening multiple opportunities to invest, trading at better price (may not be best), selection of opportunity, allocation of adequate money resources, implementation of strategy, reviewing and adjusting as per market dynamics to get better risk-adjusted returns.
  • His idea is to make sure that clients make the best income for the investment and risk taken by clients.
  • His core expertise is using different instruments and active strategies to get the most and best from the markets, he also believes in both timing the markets and time spent in the market to compound wealth and get regular income from markets.
Our Mission

Being a SEBI Registered Research Analyst firm, our mission is to provide ethical and profitable RESEARCH services in the major Capital Market segments. Adhering to the highest CLIENT FIRST ethical standards, our primary motive is to deliver MORE PROFITS WITH FEWER LOSSES to clients (superior risk-adjusted returns) through our Research (products, strategies, and services).

What do we do?
  • We strive to be one of the important avenues to achieve our clienteles’ financial freedom. We are specialized in Indian Listed EQUITY DERIVATIVES with a focus on Technical & Derivative Analysis. We focus to identify unique opportunities in the derivatives space for seasoned investors/traders/participants.
  • We identify OPPORTUNITIES in capital markets and design STRATEGIES to deliver decent PROFITS with fewer LOSSES to our clientele (clients and our service seekers). We assess capital markets with our proprietary models to reduce RISKS, limit LOSSES, and maximize PROFITS for the clienteles’ existing holdings.
  • We SPEED up the process of financial fitness and REDUCE the time in achieving clienteles’ financial freedom by using MEASURED leverage.
  • We identify opportunities to generate ADDITIONAL INCOME from ideal and non-leveraged assets like mutual funds, stocks, and other financial holdings by taking CALCULATED risks.
  • We provide CUSTOMISED and OPTIMISED Comprehensive RESEARCH solutions to meet the specific needs of corporate and HNI clients, helping them to realize their financial goals.
How do we do it?

Financial Markets especially Capital Markets always exhibit endless inefficiencies and anomalies, such as prolonged price trends, blow-off tops, panic bottoms, reversion to mean, and other repeatable patterns. Most of these opportunities i.e. anomalies and inefficiencies are a result of behavioral biases (i.e. emotional and cognitive) such as the bandwagon effect, risk aversion, anchoring, overconfidence, hindsight, endowment, etc

  • Our Research PROCESS is simple and is driven by reactive instead of the predictive mechanisms of markets. Our analysts team continuously screens and analyses markets, sectors, and stocks in the news to identify inefficiencies and opportunities.
  • Our Derivative Strategies and Products AIM to produce phenomenal and REMARKABLE RETURNS for its subscribers by strictly adhering to risk and trade management protocols.
  • Instead of diversifying, our core principles are centered on a focused list of underlyings and on concrete risk management to minimize risks and maximize returns using all the segments of markets.
  • By positioning on both sides of markets (long and short), and balancing exposure at regular intervals, our strategies are built to seek returns with low risks in sideways, up, and down markets.
  • We have decentralized market research, analysis, and decision-making. This enables to capitalize on a wide range of ideas and expertise while keeping risks under control with clear accountability.
  • Risk is monitored and managed through a thorough analysis of each investment or trade suggestion and at the total product level also, through risk management analytics the tail-risks are reduced.
  • We endeavor, adapt, evaluate and evolve our approaches, constantly look to optimize the opportunities and strategies. We are excited and fond of our products and strategies and their value addition to our subscribers. We don’t give up anything that easily just because it is hard.
  • We stay connected with our clients on all available communication platforms and keep them updated on the changes and performance of our products/ strategies.
    Creating a strategic partnership with business associates and providing them with the latest developments of capital markets is our top priority
  • We always strive to exceed expectations not only through the quality of our investment and trading strategies and solutions but also by providing outstanding levels of client service and transparency.
What sets us apart from others?


Our team has the experience and expertise – in both investing and trading in derivatives over years – to identify opportunities in the new instruments driving the next generation wealth creation techniques.


The team has more than 35 years of industry experience in analyzing and trading derivatives, with specialisms in technical and derivatives analysis.

Our dedicated relations team works closely with you to share ideas, products, strategies, and insights to serve the best to our clients.

Sampadha offers customized research services to meet the investment/trading needs of HNI, institutional/corporate clients, and financial advisors. We also provide insights into the trends affecting capital markets and stocks in the news.

We work with a wide range of clients with diverse objectives, providing investment/trading management, long-term portfolio creation, short-term income generation from existing holdings, wealth creation, liquidity needs, research advisory services, asset allocation and risk management solutions for an ever-changing and evolving market dynamics. All our strategies are well-drafted and we make sure that they are properly fitted in our clienteles’ financial plans.

Our Game Plans

In order to achieve financial fitness or financial independence, There are four ways or valid strategies for your money and accomplishing your goals.

  1. Capital gains or asset appreciation: Buy an asset at a low price and sell it later at a higher price or Sell an asset at a higher price first and buy it later at a lower price – the positive difference between your sell and buy price is your gross profit.
  2. Passive Cash inflows: Buy an asset or portfolio that pays dividends or passive cash inflows into your pocket.
  3. Active Cash inflows: Generating regular income by renting or leasing or using advanced strategies on an asset or portfolio or holdings.
  4. Hedge: Buy protection or insurance on your assets or portfolio which not only protects you from price decline but also helps you gain from adverse situations.
  5. It’s important to know these strategies so that you can make smart decisions and implement them in different market conditions to make more money.
Our Clients include
  •  Market Savvy Investors / Traders
  •  High Net worth Individuals
  • Upper Middle Class Individuals
  • Small and Medium Corporations
  • Single Family Offices
  • SEBI Registered Brokers
  • SEBI Registered Investment Advisors / SEBI Registered Stock Advisor / SEBI Registered Financial Advisor
  • Non Profit Organisations / Non-Government Organisations
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