How we do it?

Markets always exhibit endless inefficiencies and anomalies, such prolonged price trends, blow off tops, panic bottoms, reversion to mean, and other repeatable patterns. Most of these opportunities i.e anomalies and inefficiencies are a result of behavioural biases (i.e emotional and cognitive) such band wagon, risk aversion, anchoring, over confidence, hind sight, endowment etc

  • Our Research PROCESS is simple and driven by reactive instead of predictive mechanism of markets. Our Derivative Strategies and Products AIM to produce phenomenal and REMARKABLE RETURNS for its subscribers by strictly adhering to risk and trade management protocols.
  • Our core principles are centred on focussed list of instruments instead of diversifying and concrete risk management to minimise risks and maximise returns using all segments of markets.
  • By positioning on both sides of markets (long and short), and balancing exposure at regular intervals, our strategies are built to seek returns with low risks in both up and down markets.
  • We have decentralized research, analysis and decision making and centralized risk management. This enables to capitalize on a wide range of ideas and expertise while keeping risks under control with clear accountability.
  • Risk is monitored and managed through thorough analysis of each investment or trade suggestion and, also at the total product level, through risk management analytics and overlay and tail-risk hedging.
  • We don’t give up anything that much easily just because it is hard. We endeavour, adapt, evaluate and evolve our approaches, constantly look to optimise the opportunities and our strategies. We are excited and fond about our products and strategies and how they can add significant value to our subscribers.
  • Continuous interaction with our clients over all available mediums of communication and we creating strategic partnership is our number one priority.
  • We always strive to exceed expectations not only through the quality of our investment and trading strategies and solutions but also by providing outstanding levels of client service and transparency.
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