Benefits of Investing

These are the benefits of Investing

1. Avoids from falling into Poverty

Personal exigencies, Health emergencies, and no income periods, all these events take huge money from wallet and empties bank account. These unplanned and sudden risks move into poverty. Saving / setting aside for rainy days / Financial exigencies or contingencies or opportunities can help in getting peaceful sleep and stay on life course.

2. To Meet Financial Goals

For any financial goals, ranging from short term needs to long term wealth creation, investing is the only way to realise financial goals. Identification of needs and mapping with suitable investment vehicle will help in realising financial dreams.

3. Increase Net worth and Improve lifestyle

Investing is the only way to improve life style at a faster pace and increase net worth on a continuous basis. Any appreciating asset increases net worth, and selecting suitable assets or vehicle will definitely increase net worth and improve life style.

4. Time Freedom, Money Freedom and Retire Rich and Early

Income by money working for us give more pleasure than we working for money. Working Money sets us free, gives time freedom, makes us feel rich and wealthy. Money lies in managing and not in asset class.

5. To have Multiple Streams of Income

Regular, Consistent, Guaranteed and Fixed Income streams from multiple assets assures time freedom, makes us feel rich and wealthy. Money lies in managing and not in asset class. Managing Equities, Derivatives, Real Estate, Gold and any other or combination gives you regular income, consistent, guaranteed and fixed income.

6. To stay ahead of inflation

Inflation is the biggest obstacle to sustain or improve lifestyle and growing wealth. Equity Investments have given returns far beyond inflation rate in the long run. Purchasing power of money depreciate over a period of time, and Money left in bank will lose its purchase value in course of time. These high returns will help to sustain or improve lifestyle.

7. Axe the Tax

Investing into tax saving / exempted products reduce tax out go. Investing into tax exempted instruments will give tax free income.

8. Highest Returns and Huge Wealth Creation

Investing in Long term wealth creating assets give us huge capital appreciation / returns and create huge pile of assets appreciating, generating cash flows and printing money. Let your money work in assets and grow for many years so you can reap the benefits of compounding.

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