Who We Are

Our Mission is to be the industry’s leading research firm delivering MORE PROFITS WITH LESS LOSSES to clients (superior risk-adjusted returns) through our RESEARCH (products, strategies and services) adhering to the CLIENT FIRST (highest client ethical standards) and offering the best to all our stake holders.

What sets us apart from others?


Our team has the experience and expertise – in both investing and trading in derivatives over years – to identify opportunities in the new instruments driving the next generation wealth creation techniques.


Team has more than 35 years’ of industry experience in analysing and trading the derivatives, with specialisms in the technical and derivatives analysis.

Our dedicated relations team works closely with you to share ideas, products, strategies and insights to serve the best to our clients.

Sampadha offers customised research services to meet the investment / trading needs of institutional or corporate clients and also provides insights into the trends affecting markets.

We work with a wide range of clients with diverse objectives, providing investment / trading management, long term portfolio creation, short term income generation from existing holdings, operating funds and liquidity needs, research advisory services, asset allocation and risk management solutions for an ever-changing and evolving market dynamics.

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