Holdings Review

Are you having a healthy financial army to win for you?

Get your Financial Holdings Reviewed by SEBI Registered Research Analyst

Keep the next two minutes of your life completely distraction free and read this very, very carefully.

This is for your own good, and we assure you.

An unhealthy army of holdings not just stops you from growing your wealth, or fulfilling your financial goals but also weakens your financial tomorrow.

Why you need it to get reviewed?

95% of Investors (Both Physical Assets and Financial Assets) focus on becoming rich, and 85% of investors are Asset Rich but Cash Poor.

Capital growth makes you rich and gives you money freedom, while Regular Cash inflows makes you wealthy and gives you time freedom.

Hence, we need regular income from the holdings to achieve time freedom or become wealthy.

For holdings / assets / wealth to grow in value and make regular income from them, we need a strong army of good performing holdings which are very fit to make money for us on consistent basis.

At the same time, we need to remove holdings which are poorly performing and money draggers from your kitty to make sure your money / investments / holdings / assets are working for you.

Hence each investment or holdings in your personal financial portfolio need to work for you and make sure that those holdings help you to win the war and make money consistently

Our Unique research across financial assets shall make sure, you have good holdings in your kitty. In this holding review service, we shall do a 1-time exercise of reviewing their stability to make sure they make more money for you in long run.

The objective of this service is to ensure you stay with good products and bad products are weeded out.

During times of volatility, it can be difficult to properly evaluate your performance and investment success due to emotion, such as fear of loss. Our expert assistance should help you navigate ongoing volatility and be better financially prepared for future volatility.

Not all assets / holdings / investments are equal. Every uncertain period will create winners and losers in all asset classes, both equity and bond markets. We will help you participate and understand the factors that drive returns under these market conditions.

With the global markets and economies fluctuating like never before, this is the time to get your holdings reviewed and get ready for a changed world.

Our buy/hold/sell calls / recommendations and our review of your holdings may not be same. Our recommendations may have different time horizon of buy / hold / sell, which may not have the same view for a higher / lower time frame

What you will get?

During this review we will:

  1. Review each holding of your kitty and provide a buy, sell, hold recommendation based on technical, qualitative and quantitative parameters, valuation matrix, and industry / sector exposure.
  2. Compare holdings performance to their peers, sectoral benchmarks and broader benchmarks
  3. Risk analysis of each holding including standard deviation and max drawdown.
  4. Exposure analysis to sector, size, and style
  5. Bond analysis including duration, credit quality, and yield
  6. Evaluate holdings allocation based on asset class, duration, liquidity, cost of holding, tax benefits of specific holdings and alternatives to the poor performing holdings

Schedule appointment with us now and get your holdings Reviewed today.

All information herein has been prepared solely for informational purposes, and it is not an offer to buy or sell, or a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any security or instrument or to participate in any particular trading strategy.

3 Easy Steps Getting Started Is easy. All you do is:

  1. Pay the consultation amount and Upload financial holdings (mutual funds, bonds, debentures, stocks, etc) for Review
  2. Schedule meeting on Zoom. (Get connected with us to get a comprehensive review of your holdings on your scheduled time.)
  3. Start Optimizing to get best risk adjusted Returns
  4. We will help you choose the right level of holdings for your needs (Current returns, risks, Projected returns, projected risk, current holding allocation weights, ideal holding weights for your needs, strategies to maximise returns, strategies to reduce tax out go, and suitable action to get best returns)

For more details and Information, connect with us.


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