How We Do

Our Methodology

1. Timing markets is a mistaken belief or false notion or misconception, but we beleive in both of timing the market and time in the market.

2. Many assume and take from gambling perspective, but we take from speculative perspective of generating additional returns with marginal risk.

3. Many assume timing is reason for risks, but we assume timing is a risk mitigation technique.

4. We consider Timing should not be seen as isolated parameter and we consider timing as a part of total strategy.

5. Timing should always be a function of macro data points, micro data points, liquidity, valuation parameters.

6. Timing should be a part of your Wealth management

Our Strategies Strategy

1. 8 Profit Centers

Our Game Plan

1. Save in Cash Segment, Lumpsum, or SIP in mutual funds and Stocks for foundational wealth, Time in the market is important

2. Invest in Structural Up trending Equity Futures, Commodity Futures and Currency Futures for capital appreciation, timing the market generates additional returns at less risk

3. Play in their respective Options for Cash flows, time value is money

4. Invest and trade in Currencies and Commodities for diversification of business and risks

Our Investing and Trading Philosophy

1. Churn is called as bad and it’s a myth

2. Churn is good from risk management perspective

3. We are in the business of managing risks (almost 25 types of risks)

4. Reducing, mitigating and transferring risks will give money

5. When risk is managed better, returns are by products

6. Known risk to be managed well

7. unknown risk is not known and cannot be predicted or managed

8. Anything which can be predicted with macro data is known risk

9. Perceived risks vs risk factored in price of the stock or asset

10. Don’t have any love or affection to any stock

11. Churn and timing has to be based on the risk on environment or risk off environment

12. Sectoral performance varies based on risk on or off environment

13. Risk on should be towards high beta

14. Risk off should be towards defensive

15. Most people think churn means lack of clarity, but it has to be taken from risk management Perspective and also macro conditions should be considered

16. Long term or 10yrs risk can be managed, but when you manage your short term or near term risk then you can generate alpha

17. Divide your total portfolio based on Long term view, short term view, medium term view, hedging, cash call

18. Have a combination of all and manage risk simultaneously

19. Markets are dynamic, and data points are changing continuously, then why should our money management style be static ?

20. Buy and hold era has passed, this is an era of dynamic managers

21. Volatility is an opportunity, not a risk

22. Don’t look at any data point in isolation

Success Drivers

  1. Asset Allocation
  2. Portfolio Concentration
  3. Being Contrarian
  4. Time in the market
  5. Timing the market
  6. Mix of SIP & Lumpsum
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